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Welcome to KhairilShop. My name is KHAIRIL, I'll trying to earn some income for myself. We can be really friendly if you're friendly to us. But don't expect us to be friendly to you if you're rude/nasty to us.

Currently, I'm studying in a local college and have tight schedule. BUT, we will definitely reply your inquiries/enquiries within 24 HOURS. :) Rest assure and place your order(s) today. ^o^. Alright that's all!

Remember to Buy, Introduce, Buy and Introduce. n_n Have a great day ahead!

KhairilShop is based in MALAYSIA and we also serve worldwide.
xx, Peace


1. Serious buyer only, last minute cancellation will not be entertained.

2. Booking/Reservation is only accepted for up to 3 days.

3. We provide free domestic delivery (Pos Laju/Pos Ekspres) for almost all items in this blogshop. Please for more information about postage/shipping in this blogshop.

4. We accept 2-3 installments (2 kali bayaran ansuran) for items with price more than RM 400, with a condition that your item will only be sent after we have received at least 50% of the full payment.

5. We will ensure that your items will be in their best condition at the time we ship your item.

6. Delivery will be made on Monday and Thursday only. We will post your item once your payment is clear. We will tell you once the shipping is done.
7. We accept payment to Maybank, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and Public Bank Berhad account. We also accept Paypal and Telegraphic Transfer (preferably for international customers). Anyone interested to pick up your item from our place in Kuala Lumpur is allowed to do so, and for this method we accept cash. For other methods of payment please contact us first for confirmation.


1. We will never send your items before we get your full payment (or first payment for installments)

2. We never save your informations - full name, address & phone number. We delete them as soon as your item(s) arrive(s). For customers who have contacted us through sms or phone call, please mention your name, to make us easier to identify you.

3. For customers who wish to cancel your booking, you can do so, please tell us as soon as you want to cancel, because things will be more difficult if you cancel after we have packed your parcel(s).

4. We allow you to change your item to a new one, in case the item we send you damage/broken. And in order for us to send a new one to you, you have to send back the damaged item to us first. The same procedure goes to those who want us to refund your money back.